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 The team


Dr. Ir. Guy Claessens: Managing Director APC, conceptual approach

Guy Claessens, born to a family of farmers who grew Brussels endives on a cropping farm in Zaventem, obtained his agricultural engineering degree from KULeuven in 1988. He went on to prepare a doctoral thesis, obtaining a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from KULeuven in 1993. Upon his father's death in 1989 he took over the family farm combining his farming activities with his doctoral studies and subsequently with a job as researcher at the Nationale Proeftuin van België (Belgian National Experimental Garden), where he was appointed Director in 1993. In 1996 he decided to specialise in agricultural administration and advocacy through the agricultural trade union organisation, VAC, while pursuing business studies. He founded APC in 1999. Thanks to his extensive and varied job experience and practical knowledge he understands growers’ problems. His role is to translate these into an understandable form for a group or cooperation, the administration and the authorities. Under the umbrella of APC he builds bridges between the grower and other organisations in the agricultural sector and has helped develop a number of producer organisations.


Siska Dumoulin: Implementation

Siska Dumoulin has over 25 years of experience in business management, administration and reporting. In this frame she was also responsible for the introduction and implementation of ICT systems.

From 2001 until 2005 she coordinated the growers’ association Atalanta, where she was in charge of day-to-day management. As the CMO Manager she also helped found the producer organisation Greenbow as well as being the driving force behind the implementation of the operational program.

She has been a permanent employee of APC since 2006. She is responsible for the technical-administrative processing of files and assists clients in the streamlining of their business organisation so they can efficiently fulfil their reporting obligations.


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